Christianity and Eastern Orthodox Chrisitianity

Of 1 billion total Christians, about 100 million follow Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Christians believe that a man, Jesus, is the Son of God.  Jesus was called Christ by his followers, which means "anointed one"

The key teachings of Jesus were:
-  Obey God's laws, which are the commandments given by God to Moses
-  People should repent their sins and make a new start
-  Love and serving others was more important than following laws
Jesus taught by telling stories (called Parables)

The Sacred Text of Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the Bible - the same as Protestantism and Catholicism

The main beliefs of Eastern Orthodox Christians are similar to other Christians

In 1054 a dispute between the Church in Constantinople (headed by the Patriarch) and the Church in Rome (headed by the Pope) led to a split in Christianity, called the Great Schism.


Their place of worship is called a Church.  It can be either Medieval or Gothic.  They also spoke may different languages. 

Their religious leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church is the Patriarch of Constantinople, but the Patriarch does not have the same authority as the Roman Catholic Pope.  Instead, the Orthodox Church is also controlled through Ecumenical Councils