750,000,000 people in the world follow Hinduism

Hinduism developed when a nomadic people, the Aryans, arrived in India and merged with the Indus Valley Civilization in 1,500BC

The foundation of Hinduism was not based on the teaching of one particular individual, but rather developed over a long period of time.  As a result it is a varied religion

The Sacred Texts of Hindism are:
The Vedas, which were passed on by world of mouth for centuries before being written down
Mahabhatata, which is the world's longest poem, with over 100,000 verses
Upanishads, which teaches Hindues about Brahman
Ramayana, which tells of the life of Rama and Sita, the ideal Hindu couple

-  The common belief uniting all Hindu's is Brahman, which refers to an unchanging reality that many Hindus believe exists beyond everyday appearances
-  Hinduism has thousands of gods and godesses, each having their own special characteristics and Hindus worship the gods and goddesses of their choice
-  Hindus believe that living things are trapped in an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth - called Samsara.  According to Hindu belief, Samsara is pointless, and they hope they will be freed from it one day
-  Karma refers to a persons good and bad actions - good actions lead to a better life the next time, and bad actions lead to a life of suffering - maybe as an animal or insect
-  Wisdom releases a person from the endless cycle

Rituals that mark important stages, such as birth and death, are called Samskaras, and take place in front of a sacred fire.  There are 16 Samskaras, 3 of which occur before a person is born - the others celebrate events such as Coming of Age (between 8 and 12 years), Marriage, and Death.  Prayer and meditation are also an important part of Hinduism

Hindus worship at Temples and Shrines, but there are no strict rules on when to go.  Many Hindus choose to go on certain holy days and festivals, or when they please.  
Hindus also participate in pilgrimages (called Yatras) to holy places, such as visiting the River Ganges to bathe. Hindus believe the water of the Ganges washes away their sins

The spiritual leaders of Hindus are priests