Judaism has nearly 14, 433,000 people following their religion.  It originated in The Middle East.  The founder of Judaism is Abraham

The Sacred Texts are:
- The Tenakh
- The Nevi'in (8 books)
- The Ketuvim (11 books)
- The Telmud
- The Gemara
- The Minshnah
- The Midrash
- The Torah

The major beliefs of follows of Judaism are:
- They believe in the Ten Commandments
- They believe in Heaven
- They believe in marriage
- They believe in only one God
- They believe they should thank god whenever they get the chance

Followers of Judaism pray three times a day on the Sabbath.  Before they go to sleep they say a prayer called the Shema, and  they frequently say private prayers to themselves during the day

Their place of worship is called a Synagogue which is a rectangular building with seats on three sides

The written and spoken language of Judaism is Hebrew

Their spiritual leader is a Rabbi and they have 2 religious divisions. The first is the Orthodox and the second is the Non- Orthodox