About 23 million people in the world follow Sikhism

Sikhism was originated from the Punjab Region in Northwest India. The religion began to spread as the people spread

This religion was founded by Guru Nanak

Sikhism was taught from the Adi Granth. This book proclaimed:

- There is only one God
- God has no gender
- All people are equal to God
- All people have access to God
- The Nishan Sahib is also proclaimed in the Adi Granth

The five K's- physical symbols worn by Sikhs who have been initiated into the Khalsa
- Kesh     -  Uncut hair
- Kara     -  A steel braclet
- Kanga   -  An wooden cone
- Kaccha  -  Also spelt Kachh, Kachera- cotton underwear
- Kirpan   -  Steel sword

People that practiced Sikhism would:

- Pray in the Gurwarda - A religious temple where they would worship their god
- During prayer, they would be taught by the Guru (A sort of priest that taught the religion to followers)
- After prayer, people would receive a sweet food called Karah Parshad