Only about 5 million people in the world follow Taoism

Taoism (pronounced "dowism") is based on the teachings written in the
Tao Te Ching, a book that is attributed to Lao-tzu, but believed to have been written by several people.  Tao is translated as "the Way"


The key teaching of Taoism is that there is a spirtual force in the universe which is present in all things, yet it is greater than all things.  Other beliefs of Taoism are:

-  The Tao is constantly changing, like nature
-  The goal of Taoists is to live their life "in tune" with the Tao
-  Disease and other problems in life are from not living "in tune" with the Tao
The symbol of Taoism is the Yin and the Yang - darkness and femininity versus brightness and masculinity

Taoists also believe that nothing should be forced - or Wu Wei.  A person should simply let things happen, rather than trying to control

Taoists share Buddhist and Confucian festivals - a result of being religions that is followed alongside each other in China