About 150,000 people follow Zoroastorianism. It originated in modern day Iran, or Persia. They founder of Zoroastorianism was Zoroaster

Their only Sacred text is the Avesta

Their Major Beliefs are:
1. People can choose between positive and negative energy
2. Fire is a symbol of truth
3. They try to keep the environment clean and unpolluted
4. People are able to become perfect of they choose to be good
5. Everyone is in charge of their own actions
6. One god Creates good and one creates bad

Thier everyday practices are purification, "Towers of Silence",htey prayed next to a fire so that they could focus on god. They also believed in keeping the earth, wind, and air unpolluted or pure. They also buried people so their bodies could decay into the heat of the Sun

Their place of Worship is called a temple and their language of worship is called Avestan. They do not have any spiritual leaders nor do they have any religious divisions