About three million people follow Jainism. It originated in India

There was no founder of this religion. The sacred text is the Agamas

Their major beliefs are:
1. They believe in Divine Rights
2. They believe in Karma
3. They believe that the body and soul are different
4. They believe in the Three Jewels
5. They believe in Dharma
6. They believe in reincarnation
7. They believe in deliverance

Their everyday practices are:
- They Pray
- They honor the Tiththankaras
- They payed respects to monks
- They repented for sins
- They have self control and they meditate for 48 minutes

Thier place of worship is called a Temple. There are 21 different languages in India that they are capable of using. They do not have Spiritual leaders

They have two religious divisions. The first is Sventambara. The second is Digambara